What We Believe

  • We believe in a Triune God who eternally exists and manifests Himself to us in three persons: the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit.


  • We believe in the unique virgin birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ; His death and resurrection of His crucified body, His ascension into heaven, His imminent return, and His present ministry of intercession for us (1 Cor 15:1-8).


  • We believe we are all sinners by nature and by choice and are therefore condemned to eternal ruin (Rom 6:23).


  • We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins; and all who repent and believe in Him are justified solely on the grounds of His shed blood (Eph 2:8), and that they are indwelt by the Holy Spirit and secured until the Day of redemption.


  • We believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, the one rule of doctrine and duty, and our only divinely-inspired and infallible guide (2 Tim 3:16).