Worship to us is so much more than simple song, it is a lifestyle here at First Baptist Church. Worship is ascribing greatness to that which is worthy. Who is more worthy than God? He is the King of kings, Lord of lords, and Savior of our souls. There will never be words high enough or deep enough to give to the Lord, yet we will never cease to try. The only way we can find, is by giving every breath to Him, in daily worship. Our desire is to gaze so deeply into the face of God that we may fully experience His presence, as much as possible here on earth, so that when we get to heaven we will recognize His face. Our current music style is a contemporary blend of the old and new.

We enjoy singing songs of praise to our Lord and Savior at FBC and opportunities abound for you to express your musical talents and abilities. Our church choir is led by Jennifer Hayes and she would love to have you join us as we sing praises to our King.

Other opportunities include special 5th Sunday sings and our own praise band that is beginning to meet once a week for practice.